Import cars from japan

When looking to import cars from Japan there are a few important steps you must understand of the process. Depending on your country of origin each country will have there own specific set of rules on what can be legally imported and the steps you need to take to make the process of your japanese used cars import smooth as much as possible.

Firstly you must find an japanese used cars import exporter such as us that is well versed in the buying and inspection process. There are a lot of car exporters that claim to personally inspect and view all cars prior to auction. We at Japan Quality Exports will personally inspect your car prior to your purchase. Also it is important when you want to import cars from Japan to have an idea as to which cars are illegible for importation into your own country.

The buying process is simplified when using Japan Quality Exports as well organize all transportation in Japan, auction fees, deregistration fees and customs clearance in Japan.

Once the car is shipped you will need to have a good customs agent at your selected port. This customs agent will be in charge of clearing the car through customs and getting the car cleared. It pays to have a trust agent so you can use them again in the future if you are intending to import cars from japan again in the future.

We understand that the process might be a little difficult for first time buyers so if you require any information on the japanese import cars for sale, buying process or importing cars from Japan please feel free to contact us via email or call anytime.

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