With the variety of cars available to purchase from Japan, it can be difficult knowing which car to import to Australia. The level of care that Japanese owners has been mentioned elsewhere within the Japan Quality Exports website, but it is a point that we must stress – any imported Japanese performance cars will more than likely – especially if purchased through Japan Quality Exports – will have travelled a lot fewer kilometres than any Australian car of the same age. People have imported 15 year old cars with only 70,000 km travelled! This is a genuine reality of the Japanese market.

Japanese cars also have the advantage of many cutting edge production techniques that have gone into the manufacture of the vehicle. Whether they have copied these direct from elsewhere, improved on them, or as often is the case since the Japanese car industry has developed, created new technology to move the whole industry forward.

The Japanese have always been at the forefront of the development within the car industry and the associated technology. It is fair to say that many Japanese used cars, especially the performance cars we are talking about, will have technology in them that has not yet been incorporated in to many Australian made cars.

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